Inbound/Outbound Ports

Inbound Connections

HTTP/HTTPS: 8080, 8443, 80, 443

Outbound Connections

The listing below outlines the default ports that Cascade Server will use for outbound connections:

LDAP/LDAPS: 389, 636

MySQL: 3306

SQL Server: 1433

Oracle: 1521

SFTP Transports: 22

FTP Transports: 21

MySQL Database Transport: 3306

SMTP Mail Server: 25

External Link Check: 80, 443*

Google Analytics Connector**: 80

Twitter Connector**: 80

Wordpress Connector**: 80

*Since end users can link to any URL and port, the external link check could require other outbound ports for specific URLs. In general, you should be ok with only allowing port 80 and port 443.

**Only necessary if using the Google Analytics Connector, WordPress Connector, or Twitter Connector.