How do I make CSS classes available in the WYSIWYG styles drop down menu?

To allow users to apply styles to their content within the WYSIWYG editor:

  • Click System Menu -> Site Management.
  • Click Edit on the Site where these styles should be available to content editors.
  • Click the file chooser in the CSS File field and select the CSS file containing the classes you wish to make available.
  • Optionally, limit the classes from the CSS file which will be visible to the user(s) by listing specific classes you wish to make available in the CSS Classes field. For example, if the CSS file contains the classes:
.red {
    color: red;

.blue {
    color: blue;

.yellow {
    color: yellow

but you only wish to allow for users to select blue and red, list these two class names in the CSS Classes field (comma-delimited) as follows: blue, red.

Now, users should see the blue and red styles available in the Styles drop down of the WYSIWYG editor.