Could not get file content for lucene indexing

Users may see an error similar to the following when viewing the cascade.log file:

ERROR [SearchWorkerImpl] : Could not get file content for lucene indexing: 
Could not fetch contents of file (id='97e7a2f60a000182011a542b7e51160d'): null

This message indicates that the file with this particular id is corrupt. To clear the log file of this error, follow these steps:

  1. Execute the following SQL query:
    SELECT name, cachePath 
    FROM cxml_foldercontent 
    WHERE id = 'idFromErrorMessage';

    (replace idFromErrorMessage with the id seen in the log file)

  2. Using the result from the query above, browse to the asset inside of Cascade Server by using a direct link. The link will be of the form:
    http://{hostname}:8080/entity/open.act?id={id}&type=page (where {id} is the id from the error message and {hostname} is the name of the application server)
  3. Delete the asset using the Delete tab