Upgrading to Cascade Server 7.0 in a standalone Tomcat instance

  • Download both the ROOT.war and the cascade-7.0.zip files. You’ll need the latter to add a few dependencies to your Tomcat that are necessary for 7.0.
  • Stop Cascade Server
  • Create a backup of your database (this is important prior to any upgrade!)
  • Unzip the file cascade-7.0.zip. We’ll refer to the location of the unzipped folder as CASCADE_ZIP and we’ll refer to the location of your standalone Tomcat as TOMCAT from here forward.
  • Copy any custom plug-ins (Publish Triggers, Custom Authentication Modules, Asset Factory Plugins, Workflow Triggers) from the TOMCAT/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib directory into a temporary location. (**NOTE:** Only perform this step if your organization has created one or more custom JAR files. DO NOT copy the entire contents of the directory. If there are no custom JAR files to be copied, this step should be skipped.)
  • Copy the database drivers (*jtds-.jar*, mysql-connector-java--bin.jar, and ojdbc.jar) from CASCADE_ZIP/tomcat/lib to the TOMCAT/lib directory. We only support running Cascade with the versions of the database drivers that we ship. Be sure to remove any older or different versions of these drivers from your TOMCAT/lib folder as they could cause conflicts on startup.
  • Copy ehcache.xml from the CASCADE_ZIP/tomcat/conf directory into your TOMCAT/conf directory. If you’re running Cascade in a Load Balanced configuration, please refer to the instructions on the KB for configuring EhCache in a Load Balanced environment.
  • Remove the TOMCAT/work directory.
  • Remove the Cascade ROOT.war and exploded ROOT folder from your TOMCAT/webapps directory.
  • Copy the new ROOT.war file to your TOMCAT/webapps folder.
  • If you’re using MySQL, open your TOMCAT/conf/context.xml file:

    • Add the following attributes to the <Resource> element containing your database connection information:

      validationQuery="SELECT 1"
    • Remove the &amp;autoReconnect=true option from the connection string in the ‘url’ attribute.

  • Unzip the ROOT.war file in your TOMCAT/webapps directory. It should unzip to just a ROOT directory.

  • If there were custom JAR files in your previous installation, copy the custom plug-ins (Publish Triggers, Custom Authentication Modules, Asset Factory Plugins, Workflow Triggers) from the temporary storage location back into TOMCAT/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib.

  • Start Cascade Server.

  • Log in to verify that the software has been upgraded by visiting Help->About.